Varadero Cuba travel just got more complicated as  Cuban Tourism officials created a new law that Cuba tourist who visit the Island must now have a Health, Medical and travel insurance policy with medical expenses coverage, as a requirement for entering the country of Cuba. Cuba vacations can be purchase with Cuba Travel Insurance already included in their all-inclusive holiday package with a policy in their country of residence, prior to their trip, but they can also purchase it at their arrival in the airport in Varadero Cuba. The best reason to buy Cuba travel & health insurance is due to Heart Attacks and Car accidents which is the number one reason for health insurance in Cuba Buying travel insurance at the arrival in Cuba with these Options:

Travel Insurance Option A

  • Coverage Limits (in CUC)
  • Medical expenses due to sudden diseases / accidents 10 000.00
  • Repatriation & Transport 10 000.00
  • Personal Civil Liability 10 000.00
  • Advance of judicial bail bond 5 000.00
  • Assistance 1 000.00
  • Premium per passenger per day: 2.50 CUC

Travel Insurance Option B

  • Coverage Limits (in CUC)
  • Medical expenses due to sudden diseases / accidents 25 000.00
  • Repatriation & Transport 5 000.00
  • Premium per passenger per day: 3.00 CUC
  • (1 CUC = 1.08 USD)

Both Options A and B there is an extra premium of 2.00 CUC per passenger per day should be paid by those who intend to take part in sport competitions or practicing high risk sports, such as alpinism, diving, parachuting, etc.  An extra premium of 2.00 CUC per passenger per day should be paid by people older than 70 years as well.
Oltimer in Varadero
Oltimer in Varadero (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Varadero Cuba has been promoting Beach Holiday tourism as one of its top cash revenue sources with over 2.8 million tourist visited the island in 2012. Most tourist are from Canada, United States, and Europe.
Holidays to Varadero Cuba need to know if their international health and medical insurance company is on the list of Cuban Insurance providers and, if not, how much  will cost  to purchase Cuban Health & Medical Insurance coverage policy and what exactly it covers. Cuba sells many different Insurance plan through Havanatur or Asistur, and it costs 5 CUC a day, which is expensive for one month. United States owned American insurances are not accepted in Cuba and therefore this is mostly targeted to Americans tourist and Cuban American exiles living in the US).

Cuban Travel Health Insurance cost  depend on what your Insurance policy covers which is mainly divided into two types of Health, Medical and travel protection insurance: 

1. Travel medical that would pay medical expenses that are caused by bodily injury or by sickness while you are vacationing in Varadero, Havana or anywhere in the republic of Cuba.

2. Health & Medical evacuation coverage that would pay for the trip of any tourist back to their home country as soon as they could travel so they could be treated by their own health care and  medical hospitals. 

Health and Medical Insurance coverage plans in Cuba are expensive and do cost more than commercial available plans in the USA because it would probably be necessary to provide coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. Commercial insurance id high risk and available policies usually exclude pre-existing medical conditions however, plans that exclude pre-existing medical conditions would not be practicable under these circumstances.


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