Secret Beach of Varadero Cuba 1 hour from Havana

Cuba's Secret Beaches: Varadero Beach

Cuba is famous for secret beaches however finding these hidden Cuban beaches can be very rewarding.
One of Cuba's most popular secret beaches is located right on Varadero Beach, a stunning 22 miles of virgin white sand and blue surf.
Varadero Cuba beaches are virgin so do not have the huge tourist crows you see in Florida Hawaii and most of the Caribbean islands. In some cases you will have this secret Varadero beach all to yourself and maybe some Cuban locals and a handful of International travelers savvy enough to put the best beaches of Varadero Cuba on their list of "Worlds Best Beach"
Varadero Beach in Cuba

Varadero Secret Beach Location

Varadero's Secret Beach is located approximately two miles from the town of Varadero and is situated between the DuPont Mansion Golf coarse and the northern tip of Varadero peninsula. All of Varadero beaches are easily accessible and you can walk from your Cuba hotel  along the beach or drive. If you are driving from Havana just drive along the northern coast to Varadero and go almost to the tip of the Varadero peninsula and park  about 50 yards on the right into an unmarked Palm tree that will signal that you have arrived in Beach Lovers Paradise. The last few yards are heaven along soft white sand beach the leads you to a Clear blue water pool that makes Varadero famous among the worlds best beaches.
Varadero Cuba Beach

Varadero Beach Conditions

Varadero Beach has soft Caribbean winds that caresses the beaches as they wind along the coast of Cuba.The gorgeous walk along Varadero beach takes about 50 minutes in sunny weather.  Be prepared to splash your toes in warm crystal blue waters of this stunning Caribbean secret beach that is notoriously famous for barefoot adventures, water sports and watching beautiful people.
Varadero Beach All Inclusive Vacation in Cuba

Varadero Topography Secret Beach

English: beach in Varadero, one of the most fa...
English: beach in Varadero, one of the most famous in Cuba (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Varadero's Secret Beaches the purest of white snow, and both long and wide. The sandy beach surface is predominantly covered with fine white sand and with outcrops of interesting rock features that surround the famous DuPont Mansion that centers around the Varadero Golf Course. The beach’s seclusion and beauty are further enhanced by the DuPont Mansions cliff backdrop and the brilliant turquoise-colored ocean water in the foreground that divides Varadero Beach from the Melia Hotels resorts and the Varadero Shopping center. Varadero cliffs face north of the beach, made up of volcanic and greyish black cliffs. About 70 yards from the beach the shores of Varadero secret beaches are covered with lush green tropical vegetation, consisting of palm trees, and other tropical plants with several small cascading waterfalls located near the secret Pirates Caves and the famous Josone Park which is located directly in the center of Varadero.

The Varadero Lighthouse is on top a small cliff on another secret secluded Island a quarter mile beyond the west end of Varadero. One of the main day trips is a pirates day cruise with free snorkeling on this private Varadero Island that is a well kept secret from the rest of the tourist vacations. Cuba's Secret beaches have hidden waterfalls that plunges about 50 feet into the Caribbean. Varadero's ocean floor is mostly white soft sand-covered with warmth as your toes tip toe through the water.
Cuba Beaches in Varadero

Varadero Water Activities

Water conditions on Varadero's Secret beach vary by season yet you can be assured that you will have sun, fun and lots of water sports to pass your Varadero Cuba Vacation. The stunning white sand beach is accessible year round, swimming is only advisable any time since the water is shallow and about 3 ft for every 50 meters off the beach with warm water up to your waist. The surf in Varadero is high or rough only during hurricane season due to strong, unpredictable currents. During the winter the surf of Varadero is still calm and safe for all sun worshipers and beach lovers alike. Swimming is recommended for everyone who loves to swim snorkel or scuba dive in the worlds best beaches of Cuba.

Other beach activities in Varadero Cuba include picnicking, seashell hunting, surfing, sunbathing, snorkeling, and fishing and even secret hidden tropical lagoons near the west end of Varadero beach, offering a kind of gigantic kiddie pool. There are plenty of Varadero hotels on the beach, so tourist have plenty of restaurants for excellent Cuban food and beverages especially Cuban Havana Club and Cuban Mojitos which are Cuba version of the famous party drink "Sex on Cuba Beach".
Jasone Park in Varadero Cuba

Varadero Nature

Varadero has more than just its Secret Beach that for many years attracted famous international move stars, tycoons and nude sunbathers. Although public nudity is not legal in Cuba and despite Varadero beach’s wild reputation as a sexy party beach holiday, Varadero beach is rarely patrolled by the Cuban tourist police and no one seems concerned about topless women on the beach. 

If you are seeking a secluded amazing vacation destination at one of Cuba's most Beautiful beaches then you must book your next vacation at Varadero Cuba Secret Beach Resorts for a vacation of a lifetime.

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