William Levy on Varadero Beach in Cuba


 Varadero Cuba may be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world as well as the favorite beach of Cuban born Latin hunk William Levy who was born in Havana Cuba just 90 km from Varadero.  As they say in Miami Cuba's loss in William Levy coming to America is all women's gain now that his international telanovella fans can see William acting in many top Latin soap operas or even Dancing With The Stars where he basically stole the show with his stunning handsome and muscular good looks.

William Levy grew up in Havana and went to Varadero beach so its possible that when you go on your next Varadero vacation you will be able to see this hot Cuban movie star or maybe the next up and coming future movie star while your strolling along the Varadero beaches. Many tourist that visit Cuba are amazed by the many beautiful men & women that grace the stunning beaches of Cuba. In fact beautiful people watching is one of the many pastimes enjoyed on the beaches of Cuba and especially in Varadero which attracts an international array of movie stars and rich and famous actors.

Before you go on your next Cuba holiday just type in Varadero Beaches and famous Cuban movie stars and take a look at the talent that Cuba has sent to the entertainment world. William Levy will soon be back on Varadero beach as he plays a young Cuban boxer that flees to America in his next movie role and he has landed the Latin spokes person for Pepsi commercials however his next major role may be his biggest as he is on the short list to play Christian Grey in the romantic soft porn kinky romance movie "Fifty Shades Of Grey" Either way you will be seeing a lot more of this Cuban actor either on the big screen or on Varadero Beach in Cuba. Either way its best to watch William from your luxury resort in Varadero Cuba

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