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 Varadero is the most exclusive and beautiful beach in Cuba  and located only 1 hour car ride from Havana, Cuba,  Varadero is blessed with some of the worlds most  romantic beaches which are full of luxury hotels, pristine white sand beaches and Cuba's only 18 hole PGA golf course. Varadero stunning fantastic white sand beaches with clear turquoise blue green warm water makes Varadero a Cuba lovers island paradise. Vacations in Varadero are plentiful with direct flights from Canada, Europe, Miami, Florida, USA and  almost every major country in the world. One of the most telling travel guides to measure Varadero's popularity as a major tourist beach destination is Varadero has won countless awards and been voted as one of "the worlds best beaches" and also has the highest repeat tourist visitors in all the Caribbean islands and cruise ships. If you have seen amazing beaches then you must add the Cuban treasure of Varadero to your best beaches list.  


Varadero Airport is called "Juan Gualberto Gomez Airport"  has many package tour flights directly to Varadero from Canada,  USA and Europe. Varadero airport has many currency exchange booths to exchange your money into Cuban convertible Pesos.
Taxi from Varadero airport to the center of  Varadero beach hotels is about 10 km and costs about $25-$30CUC or $40 USD however you may be able to bargain the fare to about 20CUC.

Varadero airport parking lot has a bus that will take you into the heart of Downtown Varadero hotels district for $10USD  or $8-10 CUC or for the truly adventeruos you can offer one of the tour bus drivers to hitch a ride to your Varadero hotel resort and is alot cheaper than taxi. 
English: Beach in Varadero, Cuba. Français : P...
English: Beach in Varadero, Cuba. Français : Plage à Varadero, Cuba (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Viazul Varadero

Viazul Varadero has Luxury Cuban Buses that arrive from Havana and Matanzas three times daily that stop at the Varadero airport to drop off and pick up tourist. Cuban Buses run a daily overnight service from Santiago de Cuba, stopping at Sancti Spiritus, Camagüey, and Santa Clara in the middle of the night or another morning bus to Santa Clara, Cienfuegos, and Trinidad, returning to Varadero in the afternoon and early evening.

If you want to Rent a car at the Varadero airport then be prepared as its very expensive but possible through various all inclusive Varadero hotels. From the Varadero airport you can also travel to Havana on a Cuba hotel transfer bus for about $10CUC by negotiating a cash deal with the Cuban bus driver.

Unfortunately many visitors to Varadero do not move far from their all inclusive vacation package tour hotel while they are in Varadero Cuba. However if you are close to the center of Varadero beach where your hotel is located you have many opportunities to explore the beaches, people, restaurants and night life of Varadero either on foot or Cuban taxi. Visitors to Cuba usually stay at the many luxury all inclusive resorts and Varadero beach hotels and end up walking onto Varadero beach every single day. If you are staying in Varadero town the you have the added benefit of mingling with the Wild and crazy yet super friendly Cubans that live in Varadero

Varadero Buses

Varadero beach has a tourist double decker open top bus that runs daily on regular schedule from the tip of Varadero peninsula by the Barcelo Marina Hotel and Princessa del Mar, all the way into the cute little town of Varadero. The Tourist bus pass is only $5 USD and is good for the entire day so use it as a affordable way to travel and see all of Varadero.

Varadero Taxis

Oltimer in Varadero
Oltimer in Varadero (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Every hotel in Varadero has at least one taxi stand that will take you anywere you want to go even to Havana. Taxi fares in Varadero are usually metered or negotiated in advance based of distance from your Varadero Hotel. Some Varadero resorts and luxury villas have private car rentals available right from your hotel or you can go to and find many of the  several rental agencies in Varadero.

Varadero Beach Travel Options

Varadero also offers the Cuban version of a Coco Taxi which is  like a motorized orange bike or mini-go-cart  with a round orange colored enclosure like a car sized orange for rent or hire for the day for sightseeing or point-to-point travel.

One of the most romantic ways to tour Varadero is by horse drawn carriages that are available for hire for between $5 USD for a short ride to $50 CUC for the whole day. They are more prevalent in the center of Varadero town, but all the hotel concierge or front desk persons can organize your romantic tour upon a short telephone call.

Cuban Mopeds are rent able for the adventurist to tour Varadero for only $10 CUC per hour or $15 CUC for two hours or $20CUC for twenty four hours. Remember in to rent a car in Cuba you need a valid drivers license to rent any motorized vehicle.
Convention center in Varadero, Cuba
 Shopping center in Varadero, Cuba (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Varadero Shopping Center Mall

Varadero Beach main shopping mall is the Plaza Las Americas International Center shopping mall with about 100 stores, restaurants and even an Italian Pizzeria called Pizza Nova. The Varadero Shopping Mall is the main shopping attraction in Cuba with its open air marketplace and close proximity to all the major Cuban hotels. Shopping in the Varadero Mall is fun with lots of Cuba arts and crafts along with Cuban fashion and beach bikini`s and sun tan lotion. You can even stock up with all types of Havana Club Rum and Cuban Cohiba cigars while listening to a Cuban CD for Salsa music.
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