Cuba Libre with Havana Club Rum and Sexy Cuban Dancer

New Years in Cuba is officially celebrated by Cubans and tourists with lots of wild hot Cuban salsa dancing all night long while singing traditional Cuban music, drinking bottles of famous Cuban Havana Club rum, and celebrating the start of Cuba's romantic revolution with tremendous gusto, fire and passion.

Havana Cuba on New Years Eve Cuba Travel Hotel

New Years Eve to Cubans coincides with the start of the Cuban Revolution Anniversary of the marching into Havana City of the Cuban army of Fidel and Raul Castro. All Cubans prefer to travel to Havana City to participate in their New Years Party but most Cubans will party anywhere they can to bring in the new year.
The most prestigious city in Cuba for huge New Year celebrations, is the Cuban Capital of Havana, massive groups of Cuban party people gather in huge numbers all along the Havana sea front Malecon to celebrate Cuba New Year or just to be a small part of the Cuban New Year celebrations and to enjoy the beautiful Cuban salsa fireworks that are an impressive part of Cuba's New Year festivities for all Cuba vacations.

Love and Romance on New Years Eve in Varadero Havana Cuba

Looking for Romance in Cuba? Well on New Years Eve in Cuba, you can see long line ups in front of the tourist dollar and Cuba peso food and liquor stores, as the sexy Cuban women and Yuma tourist of Cuba start to intermingle and enjoy this most important day of Cuban pride and national celebration for all Cubans in the best possible way. People of Cuba on New Years Eve celebrate and party caliente at the best Cuban hotels and top Cuban restaurants in Havana, Varadero, Trinidad, Cayo Coco and Santiago to have a traditional family Cuban meal of roast pig or "Puerco Asado" with their cuban friends , family or Cuba tourists and this special meal is always mixed with plenty of Cuban deserts and Havana club rum drinks such as "Cuba Libre" and Ernest Hemingway "Mojitos".
Havana Club Rum Cuba Libre at the Hotels Cuba
Tourist all want to join the wild New Year celebrations in Cuba so they book their Cuba hotels in advance as tourists from all over the world travel to Cuba for the celebration of New Year.
New Years Eve is magic in Cuba. Cuban New Years Eve Party welcomes the New Year with hot Cuban music, colorful fireworks,fresh Cuban Rum cocktails, fine New Years Eve dinners and that wild Brazilian Carnival feeling. Dancing, Singing and guaranteed plenty of hot sexy Cuban women all dressed to intoxicate their male partners! It truly is the most unforgettable Cuban memory with a night of Havana center and then Cuban romance under the Varadero palm trees on the Cuban beaches.Cuba Beaches Havana Varadero Museums Don’t miss New Years in Havana Cuba and Varadero Beach!

Viva Cuba New Years Eve Party in 2011!

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Havana Hotels in Cuba
HAVANA CUBA  TO MIAMI FLORIDA. Over one thousand tourist arrive to Cuba from the USA every single day making America, Havana's long-time political arch rival, Cuba's second largest source of tourism directly behind Canada, stated Cuban ministry of Tourism official from Havana. If this  trend continues by next year America will be the number one tourist in Cuba. American Travel charters flying to the Communist Cuba say their USA-Cuba travel business has boomed since American President Barack Obama's administration lifted restrictions last year on Cuban-Americans visiting their homeland, and also loosened curbs on academic, religious, cultural and other professional Cuban travel visas. U.S. citizens were previously forbidden from visiting Cuba without American government's Visa under a wide-ranging U.S. trade embargo on all of Cuba imposed back in 1960 by President John Kennedy.

Massive increase in Cuban Travel this year compared with last year quoted Cuban born owners of GoCuba Charters, the oldest of a growing number of American Cuban companies chartering direct flights to Cuba.
October posted over 265,000 American tourist to Cuba from the USA. November and December are the peak months, so Cuba ministry of Tourism expects over 330,000 Americans to travel to Cuba on direct American flights originating from the United States this year mostly from Miami. Cuban tourism industry officials said more and more U.S. American citizens or Cuba-bound tourist born in the United States were also arriving through third countries such as Canada, Mexico and the Bahamas to get around the U.S. travel ban and to avoid licensing hassles, or find a less expensive Cuba flight.

Regular scheduled commercial flights directly between Havana Cuba and Miami, New York in the United States which lie less than an hour's flight apart, separated by the Florida Straits allows for millions of American tourists in Cuba every year. Estimates of U.S. tourist to Cuba for the first year will be more than 400,000 according to U.S. State Department.


Cathedrals are often at the centre of a town. ...Image via WikipediaCuba reported 2.5 million tourists in 2009, with Canada topping the list with close to 915,000 visitors, followed by Great Britain at 172,000 and Spain at 129,000.  Cuban National Statistics Office says that Canadian arrivals through October of this year have increased significantly, while there was little change from England and a huge drop in Spanish tourist due to the European economic meltdown. Cuba reported over 52,000 tourist arriving from the United States in 2009, but those of Cuban origin were included under a wide separate category of other tourist. Local tourism officials said 80,000 U.S. citizens came in 2008, including Cuban-Americans.

The official trade union weekly Cuban newspaper, Trabajadores, posted a front page story on Sunday about the expansion of the Havana airport terminal that receives U.S. flights, saying it would be completed by this Christmas and double capacity to allow more American tourists in Cuba. Estimated U.S. travel to Cuba would increase another 30 percent in 2011.  American Legislation that will lift the U.S. restrictions on travel to Cuba will be in Congress once again next year. Such initiatives will have even less chance of passage when a new Congress convenes in January, following the Republican Party's success in the November mid-term elections.

Cuban-American Republican members of Congress are fierce anti-Cuba opponents of opening up more U.S. travel to Cuba, saying there should be no relaxation without political change and human rights improvements on the island. American moderate advocates of more open travel to Cuba hope the Obama administration will at least further loosen remaining restrictions, opening up more so-called 'people to people' contact visits that would favor sports, cultural, artistic, academic and religious exchanges.  Either way you can pretty well guarantee that Cuban travel in now onthe radar of millions of Americans that are counting the days when they will soon be allowed to return to Cuba travel in Havana & Varadero.

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Varadero Beach Cuba 10 Best Hotels

Hotel Internaciónal - VaraderoVaradero Beach in CubaTop Ten Hotels in Varadero Cuba

1. Paradisus Hotel Varadero

2. Meila Tryp Peninsula Varadero

3. Sol Palmeras Resort

4. Melia Varadero Golf Resorts

5. Barcelo Solymar

6.  Iberostar Playa Alameda Hotel

7. Brisas del Caribe Oceanside

8. Hotel Riu Varadero

 9. Melia Las Americas

10.  Sandals Royal Hicacos Resort & Spa

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Varadero Cuba Sailboat
Vacation in Varadero Cuba

Varadero Cuba has a famous beach called Cayo Blanco, or "White Key", which is a small paradise half an hour away from Varadero, Cuba. You can enjoy a catamaran cruise, do some snorkeling, explore a unique beach, and watch a dolphin show. Cayo Blanco has a long, beautiful and pristine beach. What's unique about this beach is that the water is so shallow that it only reaches your ankle even if you walk some 600-1000 feet away from the shore.

Beaches of Cuba with the extremely shallow water and strips of sand extended to the ocean, are not surprising to see rare sights of people "walking on water.

Varadero Vacations can unwind on a luxury catamaran cruise to Cayo Blanco - an island that’s all white sands and clear waters. Setting sail from Varadero, you’ll have an hour or so to chill out on deck, sit in the shade or top up your tan on the nets as you glide over the waves. Your first stop is a small island where you can grab a snorkel and paddle around the colorful reefs. Next up is Cayo Blanco proper, where you’ll drop anchor off the beach for lunch. Tuck into fresh prawns, chicken, rice and optional lobster on deck as the waves lap around you. Afterward, there’s free time to sunbathe on the coral sands or swim in the ocean, perhaps taking another look at the undersea life - the waters here are bursting with tropical fish. Then, relax on board the catamaran again as we sail back to Varadero. Complimentary rum cocktails and beers are served throughout, helping to make the day complete.

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Varadero Cuba is home to the wildest partying college and university students from Canada and USA on spring break. It has become a tradition that every year after those long hard exams the students seeking relief and boatloads of fun, jump on a plane and head straight to Varadero Beach the new party capital of the world. The video show everything! It starts off very slow with the hot college girls getting ready to jump on a flight to Cuba ready to let everything hang loose. The party dance Music is  from the Smashing Pumpkin hit "I got a Feeling" album and it starts to build very quickly showing the wild girls and guys getting hot and heavy with lots of drinking, dancing and fun, fun, fun till your daddy takes your Cuban Classic T-Bird Away. Its definitely not California. Its wild uncontrollable party time in Varadero which boasts one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  Enjoy this great Cuban Party video showing all the hot chicks and crazy guys having a wild party time during spring break in Cuba. Enjoy!

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Varadero Beach Sexy Secrets In Cuba

Varadero has pristine white sands, gorgeous warm crystal clear blue green water and classic secluded hotels

Recently we spent an incredible month in Cuba, going between stunning Varadero beach and historic Havana.
Varadero is in my opinion the most beautiful sexy beach in the world, attracts tourists from all over the planet and is a fabulous destination to visit if you're looking to have unstoppable wild fun on a pristine, white-sandy beach with unbelievably gorgeous turquoise Caribbean water. You cannot compare the crowded beaches of Australia, Florida, California, Portugal, Spain, Italy nor France but if you want to see a dream beach then visit the 20-kilometer stretch of pure, white sand at Varadero.

Varadero was once the former home of the worlds ultra-rich Americans prior to the Cuban Revolution of 1959, with the likes of Al Capone and John F. Kennedy President owning beachfront mansions.
 After building many new hotels in the late '90s, Varadero now rivals Havana and the rest of the carribbean as Cuba's #1 Hot spot and top tourist attraction. Tourist from all over the world, exept America, have been visiting Cuba in 1986. Cuba has many great resorts with different villas and cabanas in Varadero, but the favourite old style Hollywood hotel is the Hotel International which was opened in December, 1950,  by famous gangster Lucky Luciano. Varadero's premier hotel was the first hotel until the more luxurious hotels were built on the long beaches of north of Varadero town over the past 20 years. Many classic brightly colored art-deco hotels are located right on Varadero beach, like the Hotel International, like much of Cuba, is a living museum and live celebration of the 1950s. Huge glamorous swimming pools created in vintage '50s fashion so that you can imagine Al Capone, Burt Lancaster or Ava Gardner, sipping a mojito and daiquiri by the poolside.

Varadero hotels have classic architecture often decorated by Continental Cuban Cabarets, which is base to a spectacular super sexy hot Latin dance show that rivals Havana's world-famous Tropicana nightclub for glamor. After the show everything turns into a disco so you can dance till the sun comes up. If you get a chance make sure you visit Havana and Varadero Before they change. Havana is the capital city of Cuba and a site not to be missed. You can stay at the fabulous Hotel National de Cuba located in the lively Vedado area. It is an exciting, cosmopolitan city, bubbling over with life, wild energy and plenty of hot excitement, not to mention classic 1950s American antique cars.

Havana is among the Top 5 adventure cities in the world, up there with Amsterdam, New York, Rio de Janiero and Montreal. You will love walking around Old Havana, the Malecon, the seaside walkway beside the Bay of Havana, Vedado or La Habaña Vieja. Don't miss the bronze statue of John Lennon, which has the former Beatle sitting on a park bench near Vedado park where President Fidel Castro unveiled the statue of Lennon. Fidel is a hero in Cuba for his stance against the Vietnam War and his fight for world peace.
Tropicana's Sexy Dancing Girls
Music & Dancing can be found everywhere in Havana and you can hear wonderful music rising from any number of patios, terraces, bars, lounges and restaurants. Most clubs are free of charge and you can sip your favorite Cuban beer, Cristal or Buccanero, or maybe the famous Cuba Libre (rum and coke) or a daiquiri while listening to amazing Cuban Music. It will make your heart sing, your body pulsate and your heart will be captured once again by the love of Cuba.


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$99 Vacation in Varadero Cuba

Book your next holiday vacation to an all-inclusive deal at Varadero Beach while you to visit exotic Cuba.
Cuba Travel Vacations is offering a great deal to Cuba's most famous beaches including Varadero Beach, Trinidad, Cayo Coco, Key Largo, Santa Maria & Havana Beach. Fly now and get a bargain with Cuba Travel Vacations and their top offer for cheap low rates for one of its weekly all inclusive vacation packages to Varadero. Cuba's Hotel deals are easily the top island destination featured in the sun holiday packages last minute deal of the week.

For the low price of $99 all inclusive of air & hotel, you can fly to Varadero Beach, Cuba with air transportation, including all taxes, fees and fuel surcharges, Varadero Beach and seven nights of all-inclusive beach resort and hotel with free meals daily, unlimited international drinks, sports and entertainment.
This deal is available today at the 660-room luxury Hotel Resort, Sol Sirenas Coral of the best Spanish Melia chain, leaving every Saturday with direct flights to Havana & Varadero, between October to April.

Your Hotel accommodations are composed of two hotels. First the Melia Sol Sirenas and also the Melia Sol Coral, of which the Sirenas, will be closed temporarily during a short renovation period. This still offers you one of the best travel deals not just in Cuba but in all the Caribbean islands, which perhaps accounts for the unprecedented low price of this fully all-inclusive one-week vacation. But the Sol Melia Coral is located directly on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world with the bonus of three pools four tennis courts, fabulous restaurant facilities and a hot Cuban Club offering a mix of sexy Spanish women with free dancing lessons.

For further info contact Cuba Vacation Best Deals of the Week

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Varadero Beach in Cuba

Cuba Voted Best Islands In The World
Cuba has been rated one of the worlds best islands by the very experienced travelers of Readers' Travel Awards 2010 according to CNN travel destinations guides.

Many vacationers specialized in tourism, Condé Nast Traveller UK, one of the largest in Europe and one of the most important Travel Holidays worldwide, located Cuba in first place in the best Island category as "The best islands in the World (Best Islands World)."

Cuban excellence in terms of Cuban food, Havana hotels, Varadero accommodation, freindly Cuban staff, value for money, attractions and Cuban nightly entertainment, welcoming people, beautiful landscapes, and have fine white sands were some of the criteria that governed the vote. Cuba  was first followed by the Antillas, then Hong Kong, Italy & Sicily and the Maldives followed by Jamaica, Islas Baleares and Corsica in Greece.

Tourism has been developing rapidly in Cuba over the last two decades with Havana Holidays and Varadero Vacations as one of the most important and dynamic travel experiences of the Americas and the Caribbean. Cuba Island currently has 52 thousand rooms with over 70 percent of them four and five star category, and for six consecutive years receives over 2.5 million visitors in 2010 as one of  the top destinations in the region due to its gorgeous pristine beaches and warm crystal clear waters.

For list of special Cuba holiday packages visit Cuba Travel Deals 

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Health Insurance Rules For Cuba Tourist

Cuba Travel Insurance For All Tourist

Cuban Government stated that all foreign tourist and Cubans living overseas,  on or after  May 2010 must have a medical insurance policy in place with proof before they enter Cuba. The Cuban Ministry of Tourism issued a press release that stated Cuban tourist that have been holidaying in Varadero, Havana, Trinidad & Cayo Coco were not immediately effected by the new Cuba Insurance regulations.

Travelers must show proof of a travel insurance which covers all thier medical expenses or a policy for medical expenses that includes coverage in Cuba.

The insurance policy must be purchased  at the home country of departure. Travellers, who do not have insurance upon arrival into any Cuban Airport, will have an option to buy a Cuban Health Insurance policy and assistance from an authorized Cuban insurance companies at the airport.

Travel insurance from Cuban insurance companies and most international insurance companies receive travel assistance services in Cuba from a Cuban state company called Asistur S.A, reportedly available from any airport 24 hours a day and all year round.

However any American residents in the United States travelling to Cuba will have to take out their insurance policy from Cuban insurance companies. The arrangement can be made through agencies associated with Havanatur-Celimar Company because it is forbidden by USA laws for US insurance companies to provide coverage in the Cuban national territory.

Upon arrival, travellers must present a Health Insurance policy, an insurance certificate or travelling assistance card valid for the entire length of their intended holiday in Cuba.

In case of any severe medical emergency, the Cuban health system guarantees all the necessary medical care through a network of policlinics and hospitals, covering every corner of the island of Cuba. Primary health care is provided in most of hotel facilities located in every Cuban tourism resort areas.

For more information when planning your trip to Cuba please, visit CubaWeb or any Cuban embassy or Cuban Consulate or any international Cuban Tourism Office.
You can visit and Asistur insurance company at
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Varadero Cuba Beach
Many experienced Travllers have called Varadero Beach in Cuba one of the world’s greatest beaches.
Varadero has long been the jewel of Cuba, and a magnet for the worlds most rich and famous Movie Stars, Singers and Powerful businessmen. A wide range of hotels and resorts located on this wide, snow white sandy beach offer affordable vacations to please any price tag.
Canadian European & now even American vacationers consider Cuba beaches among the world's most beautiful beaches.
The island of Varadero is over a small bridge that leads tourist to a part of a narrow sandy peninsula that stretches far out into the warm mild waters of the Atlantic ocean. Its 21 kilometer strip of fine white sand is an perfect holiday for romantic sun and fun lovers, young water babe's and all type of professional and even amateur golfers. Varadero's location on this long narrow beach guarantees that you will be constantly cooled by warm soothing tropical breezes during your valuable vacation time.
Varadeo white sand beach has a back drop of amazing turquoise green-blue water and azure clear sky is not the only attraction in the Cuban province of Matanzas. Cuban nearby cities of Cardenas and Matanzas  (near Havana which is the Cuban capital) are famous for their Cuban art, history and culture museums. If you travel southwest of Varadero, on the province's Caribbean coast, you can visit another world famous UNESCO heritage site called Trinidad and  the Zapata Peninsula, famous for its ecotourism and history.

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Varadero Cuba is in the province of Matanzas. Varadero is the most famous beach resort in Cuba, and one of the largest resorts in the Caribbean. Also known as ‘Blue Beach' because of its clear, calm waters, Varadero was founded back in the 19th century by a group of rich families from Matanzas city. But it became famous after the millionaire Irenée du Pont de Nemours built his estate on the so-called Península de Hicacos, although hotels only started to be built later in the 1950s. Since the early 1990s most of the peninsula has been developed for international tourism and the majority of the 50 or so hotels are co-owned by a foreign business. Varadero is fronted by a 20km (12-mile) fine white sandy beach, which is bathed by the warm waters of the Gulf Stream.

Who goes there?
During most of December through to February, Varadero is mostly visited by European and Canadian tourists who come to relax and enjoy the warm sun. Locals visit Varadero during summer time, from June through to August, which means the beaches can be crowded during those months.

More Info about VARADERO CUBA




Varadero Cuba has  one of the most spectacular white sand beaches in the entire Caribbean. Large hotels now line the shore, the beaches are so wide and long that they are rarely crowded. What beautiful beaches! No need to search for the perfect spot, since Varadero is located on some 21 km of white powder sand beaches that makes up the Peninsula de Hicacos. Naturally water sports are a key ingredient of your holiday, and most hotels offer a wide range of activities.
The famous cuban drink the MOJITO is a special blend of sugar, fresh mint, soda water, lime juice and fine Cuban Club rum - is a refreshing drink in the hot Cuban sun. A very famous Cuban drink, invested by Ernest Hemingway who made the mojito famous with his taste for the Caribbean Rums.
The Parque Nacional Cienaga de Zapata is a 350 sq. km area that has been dedicated as a UNESCO biosphere reserve.  The park is a great area for tourists to get photos of many animals and birds. It is complete with a crocodile farm and Laguna del Tesoro (Treasure Lake) for fantastic fishing. Those who are lucky may catch a manguari, which has the body of a fish and the head of a crocodile.
Cubans love music, and you should try to find some local groups who perform live outside the confines of the hotel strip. Although availability of necessities for tourists has improved dramatically over the years, it is still a good idea to take any familiar items you may need, such as toiletries, film, and certainly any medications.




There's no lack of souvenir stands, T-shirt outlets, and overpriced hotel gift shops here, but good shopping options are limited. There are several outdoor arts and crafts markets around Varadero; the best, Artesanía, is at Avenida 1 and Calle 12. The Plaza de los Artesanos at Avenida 1 between Calles 46 and 48 is also good. ARTex has stores at each of these sites, as well as at Avenida 1 and Calle 35. At each, you will find a broad (and standard) collection of trinkets, T-shirts, musical instruments, posters, and CDs.

Taller de Cerámica Artística, Avenida 1 between Calles 59 and 60 is a working pottery studio and factory with a broad selection of finished goods for sale. Some are quite good and quite expensive. The work ranges from abstract and artistic to purely functional. You can usually watch a potter at work while shopping.

For a dense collection and variety of shops, Plaza las Américas, Autopista Sur Km 11 has a modern mini-mall and convention center with clothing boutiques and T-shirt shops, along with a 
Cuban Art Gallery and a music shop thrown in. There's even a small supermarket here, and several restaurants.

If you are looking for Good Cuban Cigars, the best-stocked shop in Varadero is Casa de los Tabacos, Avenida 1 and Calle 38 .  They usually have one or two rollers making fresh stogies here, and there's a comfortable bar for enjoying their wares, while sipping a glass of rum or a strong espresso.