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Varadero Cuba has a famous beach called Cayo Blanco, or "White Key", which is a small paradise half an hour away from Varadero, Cuba. You can enjoy a catamaran cruise, do some snorkeling, explore a unique beach, and watch a dolphin show. Cayo Blanco has a long, beautiful and pristine beach. What's unique about this beach is that the water is so shallow that it only reaches your ankle even if you walk some 600-1000 feet away from the shore.

Beaches of Cuba with the extremely shallow water and strips of sand extended to the ocean, are not surprising to see rare sights of people "walking on water.

Varadero Vacations can unwind on a luxury catamaran cruise to Cayo Blanco - an island that’s all white sands and clear waters. Setting sail from Varadero, you’ll have an hour or so to chill out on deck, sit in the shade or top up your tan on the nets as you glide over the waves. Your first stop is a small island where you can grab a snorkel and paddle around the colorful reefs. Next up is Cayo Blanco proper, where you’ll drop anchor off the beach for lunch. Tuck into fresh prawns, chicken, rice and optional lobster on deck as the waves lap around you. Afterward, there’s free time to sunbathe on the coral sands or swim in the ocean, perhaps taking another look at the undersea life - the waters here are bursting with tropical fish. Then, relax on board the catamaran again as we sail back to Varadero. Complimentary rum cocktails and beers are served throughout, helping to make the day complete.

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