Cuba Libre with Havana Club Rum and Sexy Cuban Dancer

New Years in Cuba is officially celebrated by Cubans and tourists with lots of wild hot Cuban salsa dancing all night long while singing traditional Cuban music, drinking bottles of famous Cuban Havana Club rum, and celebrating the start of Cuba's romantic revolution with tremendous gusto, fire and passion.

Havana Cuba on New Years Eve Cuba Travel Hotel

New Years Eve to Cubans coincides with the start of the Cuban Revolution Anniversary of the marching into Havana City of the Cuban army of Fidel and Raul Castro. All Cubans prefer to travel to Havana City to participate in their New Years Party but most Cubans will party anywhere they can to bring in the new year.
The most prestigious city in Cuba for huge New Year celebrations, is the Cuban Capital of Havana, massive groups of Cuban party people gather in huge numbers all along the Havana sea front Malecon to celebrate Cuba New Year or just to be a small part of the Cuban New Year celebrations and to enjoy the beautiful Cuban salsa fireworks that are an impressive part of Cuba's New Year festivities for all Cuba vacations.

Love and Romance on New Years Eve in Varadero Havana Cuba

Looking for Romance in Cuba? Well on New Years Eve in Cuba, you can see long line ups in front of the tourist dollar and Cuba peso food and liquor stores, as the sexy Cuban women and Yuma tourist of Cuba start to intermingle and enjoy this most important day of Cuban pride and national celebration for all Cubans in the best possible way. People of Cuba on New Years Eve celebrate and party caliente at the best Cuban hotels and top Cuban restaurants in Havana, Varadero, Trinidad, Cayo Coco and Santiago to have a traditional family Cuban meal of roast pig or "Puerco Asado" with their cuban friends , family or Cuba tourists and this special meal is always mixed with plenty of Cuban deserts and Havana club rum drinks such as "Cuba Libre" and Ernest Hemingway "Mojitos".
Havana Club Rum Cuba Libre at the Hotels Cuba
Tourist all want to join the wild New Year celebrations in Cuba so they book their Cuba hotels in advance as tourists from all over the world travel to Cuba for the celebration of New Year.
New Years Eve is magic in Cuba. Cuban New Years Eve Party welcomes the New Year with hot Cuban music, colorful fireworks,fresh Cuban Rum cocktails, fine New Years Eve dinners and that wild Brazilian Carnival feeling. Dancing, Singing and guaranteed plenty of hot sexy Cuban women all dressed to intoxicate their male partners! It truly is the most unforgettable Cuban memory with a night of Havana center and then Cuban romance under the Varadero palm trees on the Cuban beaches.Cuba Beaches Havana Varadero Museums Don’t miss New Years in Havana Cuba and Varadero Beach!

Viva Cuba New Years Eve Party in 2011!

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