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The history of Varadero has very curious nuances which give it a halo of exoticism. It is said that its fine sands knew the presence of pirates and privateers, who had chosen the place as a shelter for their chests of jewels and gold doubloons. From that time, a cave remains, baptized as The Pirate Cave, now a night club showing guns and chests that supposedly belonged to the daredevil sailors. However, Varadero´s world fame was given, without possible doubts, for its 14 miles of clear, calm waters and its fine and white sands.

The fame of Varadero began to spread all around the world among those who chose the resort as the best place to enjoy the beauty and the weather of the tropics, and even among those who desired to improve their health. As a resort, Varadero is one of the most complete in the world: it has numerous hotels, caves, virgin keys, sea bottoms with more than 40 types of corals, fish and turtle diversity, and more than 70 species of mollusks. Varadero offers the visitor yacht trips, horse and motor rides, helicopter flights, parachuting, scuba diving, and almost all nautical activities that one can imagine. 3 marinas: Chapelin, Puertosol and Gaviota all offer scuba diving trips.
The nature is amazing in Varadero, and it has, among its immense natural wealth,a plant reservation dating many centuries back, when the beaches were still completely virgin. Along with the natural bounties of the area, the resort has a full package of excellent cultural and recreational programs, quite different from the classic resort programs of casinos and night clubs. In almost every hotel, there are night actitivies with live music and Cuban dancers, theater plays, circus shows, and aquatic ballet. Varadero has an amusement park, and more than 15 open-bar discos that are so lively, even those who seem to have two left feet can’t help but dance.
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Considered as the main beach destination in Cuba, Varadero has been receiving the largest percentage of tourists on the island, national and foreign, for a very long time. Today Canada, France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom are the main markets sending travellers to the so called “blue beach”, and during the summer, a great number of Cubans that enjoy the beaches follow suit, trying to take advantage of the almost 32 degree Celcius that the clear waters may reach at noon. Even during the major years of the economic crisis the Cubans never stopped going, in order to fill the streets and parks, being part of that unique ambiance that takes over in Varadero.

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