Varadero Cuba is considered to be one of the Worlds Top Vacation destinations. Varadero Beach is for tourist who would rather swim with the Varadero Dolphins and Golf on Cuba PGA Golf Varadero resorts on their holidays than laze around at a resort, this is one city that offers a lot by way of fun excursions.
For those of you who love the thrill of adventure sports, skydiving is on offer at the Centro Internacional de Paracaidismo. You will find this West of Varadero at an old airport. You will be taken up in an Antonov AN-2 bi-plane. History buffs will be thrilled to bits with the WWII plane and will be made to jump from a height of 3000m. Nothing to get scared about as the instructor will be strapped to your back and will be coming down with you. The fall is for about 10 minutes in which you will experience unparalleled tranquility.

When in Varadero, taking in the marine life is something that you simply cannot miss. One of the most popular cruises is the Seafari Cayo Blanco that goes to Cayo Blanco. A show with dolphins is on the cards as is snorkeling trips, some great music, food and all this with hotel transfers included. A complimentary sunset cruise is also yours for the taking. Among the cheaper activities are the catamaran rides which are not really publicized but which promise a great deal of fun.

And for those gentlemen who just cannot miss their weekend of golf, how about a quiet round at the well designed and secluded Varadero Golf Club. The original course had just 9 holes and this is now grown into 18 holes. You will need to do your bookings in advance though. It may be secluded, but it is in demand. If you are up to doing something interesting when at Varadero, you could hop onto some Russia MI-8 helicopters and take a Trinidad trip.

There is also what is called the Sugarcane Trip where you will taken to a now defunct sugar mill and will also get on a steam train ride, to the Cardenas Station.

Of course you have to eat at some point and the Restaurante Esquina Cuba is a one spot you should not miss. One for its delectable food and second for its soft-top from the 1950s that is placed bang in the center of the dining area. The food is reminiscent of Havana’s El Ajibe and is served with a great deal of warmth. You will also see rows of photos depicting how the place was once a mafia hangout.

If you are in Varadero between Tuesday and Sunday, do take a night to go watch one of the most outrageous floorshows in Cuba at the Cabaret Continental. You will have to book yourself for dinner, which begins at 8PM and then you will be able to watch singers and dancers regale you with their wonderful talents. A disco also opens up post this show and you may want to stay back for that as well.

Scuba diving is something that you have to do while here; to do it you head to the Cayo Piedras del Norte where an hour’s ride on a boat will take you to a marine park. This is a manmade sinking hole where old military equipment has been dumped. You will be taken on a really interesting underwater trip here and for those who want to Mambo the night away, the Club Mambo here is the place you want to be.

There is a lot to do in Varadero Cuba Health Spa Resorts no matter what type of entertainment you like.

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