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 Many beach lovers have claimed that the best beach in the world is Varadero Beach in Cuba just 90 km from Havana Beach and Key West Florida. In fact the very first beach expert Christopher Columbus claimed that Varadero Beach in Cuba was the most beautiful beach he had ever seen in all his traveler to the new world. Since back in 1492 Cuban beaches have been on the list of worlds best beaches. Today millions of tourist visit Varadero every year just to enjoy the spectacular white soft sandy beaches and crystal clear baby blue waters of this hidden jewel of a fine Caribbean island paradise.

Español: Playa de varadero, Cuba
Español: Playa de varadero, Cuba (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If its your first visit to Cuba then Varadero Beach should be your first and last stop with its fine hotels and all inclusive resorts you can plan your perfect family vacation for a very low and affordable price. In fact most travel agents agree that Varadero Cuba offers the cheapest beach vacation in the Caribbean with prices less than $1k for a luxurious all inclusive beach holiday. Call your travel agent or go online to find the best deals available and remember that very soon the Americans will be coming to Cuba in huge numbers and the prices will go much higher as the USA is the natural market for Cuba the same way it was back in the 50's.

Most of all enjoy the Cuban sun, fun and best Varadero beaches of Cuba. The Cubans are great. the love to dance, sing and are very friendly so make lots of Cuban friends and you can guarantee that you will return many times to Varadero Beach in Cuba where the sun & fun are always shining on you.

Best Things about Varadero?
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