Sexy Cuban Actor Pedro Moreno on Varadero Beach In Cuba


 Varadero Beach in Cuba has added another first as the epicenter of the worlds hottest Latin men such as virgin Cuban actor and super hot model, Pedro Moreno who born in Havana Cuba, September 14, 1980.

Cuban Pedro Moreno, karate black belt and salsa dancer,  loves splashing around on the famous beaches of Varadero Cuba and calls Varadero his most favorite secret beach holiday.  Moreno is one of Cuba's fastest growing movie stars and has been named by People magazine as one of the Worlds 25 most beautiful Hispanic men. He also is a super star in the hit romance soap opera "Dame Chocolate" (Give Me Chocolate).

When it comes to holiday on the beach Pedro Moreno lets it all  hang out. Cuba internet providers needs new cell phone to keep up with the demand from all the hot women chasing this Cuban beach boy when hes back in Varadero from Hollywood and Miami. More Pedro with some Chocolate please?

William Levy on the beaches of Varadero Cuba

Willam Levy On Varadero Beach Cuba

Cuban born William Levy causes a tsunami heat wave whenever he strolls along his favorite Cuban vacation getaway on Varadero beach who was voted twice as the Worlds Most Sexiest Latino Hunk.

 Levy who was born in Cojimar Cuba emigrated to Miami Florida, studied business and played basketball so ladies beware because apparently he is very good with his hands as well as with his feet as he showed in Dancing With The Stars on ABC. 

After school he went to model and landed the lead in Telemonodo's Telanovela's. Once he was spotted doing the Latin Salsa on Dancing With The Stars by the wild Latino & American women theer was no turning back. His fans have made William Levy the most famous Cuban actor to ever play on the beaches of Varadero. 

Women who  have spotted this steam hot creature don't know what is hotter? The Cuban Beaches of Varadero or this super hot Cuban hunk? 

Either way you can be assured that Varadero is fast becoming the beach with the most Latino hunks and hottest male models in the world.

Better to book your next Varadero beach vacation before its too late and these two Cuban supermen are gone.

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  2. Great Article on Varadero Beach in Cuba I have been many times and Love it! My favorite beach in the world