Varadero. Tsunami Hits Cuba. Havana El Morro


Hurricane Sandy hit Varadero Cuba and Havana Cuba with 25 meter waves that pounded the island for 2 straight days causing billions of dollars in damages to this Caribbean island. This photo above was taken that showed record breaking waves higher than El Morro Lighthouse,  the highest tourist attraction in Havana.  The most famous Cuban landmark, El Morro Light House, is over 120 meters in height from the ocean floor to the top of the lighthouse.

Havana Cuba was one of the hardest hit areas with over 1 million people displaced without power, electricity and heat for over 2 weeks. The main tourist areas of Varadero & Havana experienced tsunami sized waves that broke previous record of 23 meters in height. The Cuban government does not have hurricane insurance for its national landmarks.

Vacationers along the lower Cuban beaches were evacuated to safer hotels that were located inland until the hurricane passed. Ministry of Tourism officials stated that at no time were any European, Canadian or American tourist in danger due to the great experience Cuba has in preventative measures during hurricanes.

The reverse winds of Hurricane Sandy reached speeds of over 180 miles per hour causing a swelling of water that created huge waves that hit the cliffs of El Morro and were pushed straight up along the rocks to heights of over 150 meters.

This Tsunami like wave phenomena hits Havana once every 10-15 years. The last time the waves were higher than El Morro was back in 1998 with Hurricane Georges in 1998 which was the second most destructive hurricane to hit Cuba in over 50 years.

Hurricane Sandy lasted only 2 days before it moved on to crash into New York,  but the damage left behind was worse leaving millions of Cubans & tourist without water, food and electricity for weeks. The United Nations declared Cuba a disaster area and started humanitarian relief efforts immediately with the united States sending millions of dollars worth of food, clothing and medicine to help the people of Cuba.

After two weeks of emergency repairs by the Cuban National Army and thousands of volunteers life in Cuba returned to normal as the Cuban people were once again hit with yet another major hurricane. When asked about the damages done many Cuban men and women were appreciative that no one was killed and they will have to wait for the next one that is sure to come in the future. "Cuba has been hit by many hurricanes over the past 500 years" said Maria Perez Gonzales " and the only thing for certain is that we will be having more hurricanes over the next 500 years so why worry about tomorrow when you have have sun, beach, singing and salsa dancing in the mean while? Cuba is for fun and to enjoy life"

Cubans have a great attitude and do pull together during a time of crisis. This hurricane was just one more example of the amazing attitude of the Cubans in their every day struggle of life in Havana Cuba.

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