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Varadero, Cuba  has broken the record with over 2,170,067 beach loving tourists who have visited Cuba so far in 2012 which is 100k more vacationers than last year according to The Minisrty of Cuba Tourism and Cuban Statistics and Information (ONEI).
Varadero Beach came in as the #1 beach vacation in Cuba with over 700,000 tourist followed by Havana city as the top Cuban destination with 1.1 million tourist. Varadero had a 9'9% increase over last year and Cuban hotel owners say that the European debt crisis and poor global economy slowed the growth of the rest of Cuba.
However Varadero and Havana have once again emerged as the fastest growing destinations in Cuba and the Caribbean due to Varadero's incredible pure white beaches and the heart pounding history, culture and Latin night life of Havana.


English: Beach in Varadero, Cuba. Français : P...
English: Beach in Varadero, Cuba. Français : Plage à Varadero, Cuba (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Varadero beach hotels have been voted #1 for the past 10 years in  a row followed by hotel facilities of the new Cuban beach resorts at Jardines del Rey and the Santa Maria cay continue to be favorites of those coming to Cuba to enjoy its hot sun and sizzling white sand beaches.

In spite of the international economic crisis and the American Embargo huge amounts of American and Canadian tourists keep Cuba hotels busy. The Holiday vacations from Cuba's main European markets, Spain, Italy, France Germany and England continue to visit Cuba but have slowed their growth by staying for only one week instead of 2 weeks.

Varadero Cuba beach hotels have been busy preparing and upgrading their beach resorts in preparation for the lifting of the Cuban Embargo which will bring in tens of Millions of American tourist to the long forbidden island of Cuba. President Obama is secretly being advised that lifting the Cuban Embargo will be one of his legacies as president of the Untied States. Cuban President Raul Castro has expressed that he would be willing to meet with President Obama to discuss Details of Improving U/S Cuba Relations next year.

Once the American Embargo is lifted Prices of Cuban hotels in Havana, Varadero, Cayo Coco, Cayo Largo and the rest of Cuba will skyrocket from their current rates as demand from the American tourist will be much more than Cuba can handle.

Best to go to Varadero & Havana now while its still affordable and see for yourself why the beaches of Varadero are among the top beaches in the world!

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