Varadero Cuba Travel Guide

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Varadero Cuba Tour Guide
Varadero Cuba # 1Travel Guide helps you from Havana to Varadero beach along the coast visiting Varadero Hotels, Restaurants, Airports, and Cuba Beaches.
Start with a tour of Famous Gangster Al Capones Vacation home in Varadero Cuba. Legend says that Capone buried his stolen treasures on this property so finders Keepers lets start our Tour of Varadero Cuba
The Varadero Museum is nice to pass a quick afternoon and catch a little Cuban history. Varadero #1 All Inclusive Hotel Villa Cuba is favorite for Good Beach, low prices. One of my favorite places to stay at in Varadero. Perfect for the family, lovers, and just a good all around cheap Varadero vacation.
 Varadero's Hottest Wildest Disco Latin Salsa Dance Club
The beach in Varadero, Cuba.Image via Wikipedia
Open till the sun comes up and filled all night long with ht Cuban women and men that just want to dance drink and party with you all night long. Enjoy and visit VARADERO BEACHES
 Varadero Most Famous Night spot. "La Rumba" the wildest, craziest Cuban Dance club full of really hot sexy Cubans and tourist dancing the steamy night till the Cuban sun comes up. Many a tourist have their best Cuban Memories here

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