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Varadero Beach Condos For Sale
Cuba Travel will soon be replaced by Cuba Condos if the new Cuban Real Estate  laws come into effect. Soon foreigners will soon be able to buy and sell real estate like homes, villas on luxury golf course and marina condos in Varadero Cuba same as they now do in Florida, New York, London or Toronto.
Cubans are competing in the Caribbean real estate market with Mexico. Cuban officials want to make sure the tourism real estate safe enough to meet international investment standards.

Tourism-related development projects are on the designing boards of international investment companies for more than a decade are poised to reap the huge benefits of a changing of realestate laws in Cuba.

Cuban tourism is going upscale by advertising construction of Cuban golf courses and marinas under the Cuban Executive Council of State law that now permits 99-year leases on Cuban land to foreign real estate developers to build tourism-related investment projects.

Foreign developers that have been lining up  for new Varadero golf and condo projects just because of the 99-year lease as the equivalent of outright ownership an increase from the old 50-year leases.
Miami lawyers have been researching Cuba's real estate investment laws in Cuba for more than 40 years waiting for this opportunity. This shows the World that Raúl Castro's government wants to open up the economy toward the China model while Fidel is not opposed nor can he reverse the process.

Regulations for foreign ownership of hotels, Villas and condos have not been finalized into  Cuban Law however Foreigners will be allowed to buy and sell and to lease Cuban property.
Cuban taxes and fees the government has not published yet.

Cubans are very intelligent much more than the world gives them credi because they are all well educated and they do their homework.
Former Cuban-American real estate buyers cannot legally buy property in Cuba because of U.S law but wealthy Cubans living in Florida and Miami will be the largest potential group of buyers.
Real estate sales, golf and marinas can't work well without Americans so the Cuban Minister of Tourism stated that Cuba will start negotiations with foreign investors over 29 new Cuban golf projects from Britain, Spain, Canada including Leisure Canada's Havana & Varadero Beach developments.
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