Justin Bieber Smokes a Big Cuban Cigar in Havana Cuba


Varadero Cuba- Worldwide Teen pop star Justin Bieber smoked a huge Cuban Cigar while on vacation in Havana Cuba. Cuban officials say Justin stayed at the exclusive Hotel Nacional  de Cuba with his family and friends and went site seeing like a tourist to all of the famous Cuban hotels and night clubs to listen and dance to that hot Cuban Salsa beat.

Justin Bieber flew into Varadero Beach from Toronto and was hanging out in Cuba for a few days to catch some rays on the beach to dance salsa and party all night with the hot Cuban women before his new USA tour.

He is not barred from Cuba Travel because as a Canadian born citizen he does not fall under American anti-Cuba laws. Justin Bieber said he went to Cuba after Beyonce and JayZee controversial vacation last year to the mysterious island.

Justin went to all the top Cuban night clubs including the world Famous Mafia owned Tropicana Cabaret and the smoking hot Pariesien night club as well as "El Jibe" Cuban restaurant and then to La Floridita for Cuban Mojitos with Ernest Hemingway invented the now infamous Cuban drink " the daiquiri".

Bieber reported spent a lot of money while he partied in Cuba but nothing close to the $75,000 he blew in just one night on a stripper at a strip club in Miami, Florida.

Justin Bieber has been telling the entire world on Twitter and Facebook that he is in Havana Cuba and Loves Cubans. The teenage star posted a picture of a tattooed singer puffing on a cigar in Cuba on his Instagram, stating "I'm in Cuba & I love Cubans."

Many American film and music stars have been pouring into Cuba including Beyonce and Jay Z previously who were attacked for having a romantic honeymoon vacation in Cuba last year because the American government bans U.S. citizens from holidays to the Communist island for tourism purposes.

Justin Beiber is one one of many global music and movie stars to visit Havana Cuba including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Danny Glover, Beyonce, Antonio Banderas and many many more.

The list of growing American Movie stars are captured by the beauty and mysterious adventure that surrounds Cuba putting it squarely as the hottest place to been seen on the planet. Justin was just one more Cuba Tourist discovering the treasures of Havana and Varadero Beach.

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