Varadero Beach Near Havana Cuba
Cuba’s best beach resort is with out question, Varadero. Yes, Varadero is small, but the quality of its beaches are among the best in the world. Varadero hotels are built along the Península de Hicacos, a 23-km-long thin peninsula,  which has only one or two roads lined with fabulous large all-inclusive tourist hotels, some small, chalets, vacation villas, many of which date from 1920's. It has to be one of the most beautiful places in the Carribbean.

Varadero is still growing under large developments and Cuban joint ventures with international foreign investors are still being encouraged to invest their US dollars and Euros in Cuba. The newest zone for development is Laguna Mangon at the far end of the Varadero peninsula which is not over-exploited and is a good place for a family vacation or just a hot beach holiday. Varadero's white pristine beaches are surprising quite empty, as and you can walk for miles along the white hot sand, totally isolated from the rest of Cuba, if not many tourists.

Varadero has always been a favorite tourist destination not only for international foreign tourist, but also for local Cubans as well. This Cubano-Yuma flavor gives Varadero a  a unique distinctive character that separates it from other resorts in the country such as Cayo Coco, Cayo Largo or Trinidad and Havana.

Varadero's chain of international hotel give it a special feeling that Tourists generally need to explore venture beyond these complexes to engage in their surroundings, but when they do go out, they are rarely disappointed.
Swim With The Dolphins of Varadero Cuba

There are many things to do during vacation on the the Varadero peninsula and throughout the province of Matanzas Cuba. The heavenly white pristine Cuban beaches, whose blue waters shimmer in every shade of bright blue from navy to bright turquoise, calling you to swim, play water-sports or simply to relax and soak up the hot sun on the gorgeous beaches. If you are feeling energetic you can choose between scuba diving, swimming across the Bahía in a catamaran, fishing, and many other water sports activities. You can visit some of the area's historical archeological sites, including the Cueva de San Ambrosio, a cave with ancient caveman paintings on the wall, or the Cuevas de Musulmanes, another cave famous for its church like use by the Siboney Indians. Another Varadero tourist attraction is Las Salinas, a salt mine which formed the basis of the region's economy during the colonial era.

Varadero's tip of the island is equally famous for its natural beauty and as a natural habitat for sighting  rare exotic Cuban birds, some of which are now extinct in the rest of the world. International Cuba birdwatchers come here on vacation every year with dreams of catching a rare sighting.

The city of Matanzas is the birthplace of the century-old danzon musical style that continues to enjoy great popularity warrants a trip. There are archaeological digs, including the international famous Cueva de Bellamar, and excellent camping beach parks such as the Yumurí and Canasí Valleys, both of which have a rich blend of flora and fauna, rivers and natural viewpoints. If you prefer to tour Varadero, Trinidad or Havana itself, there is lots to see and do, including visiting Cuban parks, squares, old museums, and fine art galleries. Cuban architecture is extremely beautiful and rich in Spanish influence, and the city has a great view of the Bahía de San Juan so make sure you make a day trip to Visit Havana Holidays while you are on your Varadero Vacation.

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