Free Hotel In Varadero Beach Cuba.


Looking for a free hotel holiday on Varadero Beach in Cuba, then you should remember the saying in Cuba that if you did not ask then you will not receive. Its true that Varadero hotels are not accustomed to giving away free Varadero accommodations however it is possible to get free Cuba hotel nights or even an entire 3-4 night package or even an entire holiday week right on Varadero beach for free if you play your cards right. Keep in mind that the average price of a Varadero luxury beachfront vacation resort  rose to an average of over $150 USD per night.

1. Varadero Travel Review Consultant 

Become an online Beach Vacation Global Travel Consultant that publishes luxury hotel reviews of the worlds top vacation destinations in the top 100 internet travel websites! The steps to publishing a hotel review article are quite easy.

2,  Contact The Varadero Beach Resort Manager

Contact the Hotel Manager or the sales & marketing department manager directly informing them that you are in the process of conducting a series of review articles to determine the top 10 travel resorts in the Caribbean and was considering to do a  detailed review of this particular Varadero beach resort.

3. Ask For Free Hotel Review

Tell the hotel manager that you wanted to know if he is interested in becoming one of the top 3 resorts listed in your Varadero hotel review along with all the free advertising and promotion that your hotel review would be generating?
English: The beach in Varadero, Cuba. Français...
English: The beach in Varadero, Cuba. Français : La plage à Varadero, Cuba. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4.  Ask Hotel To Compliment your Week for Free.

If he is interested you then ask the Hotel Manager  that you were also wondering they have any incentive program that covers your stay at their resort while you conduct your Varadero Cuba hotel review. In most cases if you are dealing with a foreign hotel management company in Cuba like Melia Hotels, Accor, Sandals, Club Med or Barcelo Resorts they usually accept and offer you the entire weeks stay at their All -inclusive resort for free in order to ensure that your hotel review of their resort is the best review possible.

5. Free Hotel Benefits and Upgrades

The hotel sales & marketing manager will most likely upgrade you to the most luxurious room in all of Varadero beach and assign the hotel customer service manager to accompany you as you tour the facilities of their hotel in the hopes that you will write a stellar review of their Varadero beach, hotel accommodations, restaurants, attractions and of coarse their Cuban resort services.

6. Write a Great Varadero Resort Review 

During your weeks holiday make sure you take aloit of photos of the hotel and its staff while you also take a few hours each day to write a fantastic review about the best hotel on Varadero Beach and make sure you name the key hotel managers and staff that assisted you during your free vacation. This will ensure that the manager of the sales and marketing department can pass your great review of their hotel to all the tourist and other guests that frequent their hotel.

7.  Submit Your Review Article  to Top 100 Travel Sites

Once you have written the Varadero Hotel Review articles with lots of photos of your stay at the perfect Varadero Beach Hotel vacation package make sure you send your review with all the images of Varadero and proper credits to the top 100 hotel review magazines and online travel websites to have them published and distributed via the many online hotel review website systems that are very popular for article distribution in the Luxury Hotel & Resort categories.

8.  Follow Up Sales & Marketing Hotel Review Calls

After your top 10 Varadero hotel review article has been published, make sure you send a copy of the published reviews directly to the Hotel Manger with a follow up phone call thanking him for his excellent hospitality during your review of his hotel. This will ensure many other favorable reviews  will follow as other hotel managers in Varadero, Cuba and the rest of the Caribbean will call him as your reference on your next hotel review. The other hotel managers may even be calling your to offer you another free all inclusive holiday at their resort in exchange for another good review of their luxury resort.

Remember if you want a free hotel right on Varadero Beach in Cuba, try becoming a Vardero Travel Review Consultant and you will be surprised how easy it is to get a free Varadero Beach Hotel Holiday Vacation in exchange for a well written hotel review. See the sife links for direct contact with all the Varadero Cuba travel hotels & vacations consultants

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