IF you are searching for the Worlds Best Beaches then Cuba has at least five of them. The tough part is to try and select  the five best beaches in Cuba imagining that the island is made up of majestic  5800 km of pristine coastlines that create 300 gorgeous white sand  beaches. Cuba’s stunning beaches are all white powder sugar-sands contrasted by warm soothing turquoise waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Cuba’s southern beaches more for tourist that want crystal clear water and adventure and perfect tranquility. As Cuban beach vacations increase in popularity, Varadero Cuba has been selected as one of the worlds best beaches and we  have also picked some of the best kept tourist secrets from Cuba's amazing coast line. Here are Cuba's Best Top 5 Beaches virgin and unspoilt by tourism, pollution and overcrowding. We hope you will agree with our choices. Enjoy Cuban Beaches!

1. Cayo Santa Maria’s Beach

Cayo Santa Maria Beach in Cuba
Cayo Santa Maria is one of Cuba's most beautiful secret beaches that is located off the north east coast, this small island, with its 10 km of virtually untouched beaches has been designated a UNESCO reserve, making it a stunning location for your Cuban beach or all inclusive holiday. Santa Maria Key is home to some memorable wildlife, tourist should not be surprised to flying pink flamingos, endemic ugly lizards, Cuban molluscs and the island’s national bird - the Cuban Tocoroco bearing all the red, white and blue of the Cuban flag. Biology lovers love  the island is home to over 250 species of colorful Cuban flora and fauna.

Cayo Santa Maria’s beach itself is one of the most tranquil in Cuba and stretches for 13 kilometres of very fine white sands, with calm crystal clear waters. The coral barrier protects the beach from winds, meaning waves are never overwhelming and allows a selection of marine life to make this Cuban beach paradise its home.

2. Varadero Beach
Varadero Beach in Cuba
Varadero is really the best and most popular beach in all of Cuba and also is considered by many beach experts as  World Best Beach. Varadero beach stretches to 25 km of white pristine sugar sands ensuring it is the by far the number one beach resort and  Cuba beach holiday in all the Caribbean.
Varadero has everything you can imagine including over 28 world class diving spots, shallow clear waters and a large variety of flora and fauna. Varadero beach in Cuba is defined as world class beach vacation and renowned for its quality of beach, water and of coarse its excellence.

Varadero beach has shallow warm crystal clear water for 50 meters  making it the safest beach choice for families with children, and the Varadero waters are so clear that it is impossible to not see the ocean floor for miles around.  Even Cuban divers enjoy a Cuba beach holiday in Varadero as a real adventure with the area boasting large variety of exotic fish, lobsters, crabs and shrimps with over 60 types of coral and 81 types of molluscs. Tourist in Varadero truly enjoy the hot white sand and warm sunshine will also enjoy the Varadero Dolphins Show which are one of Varadero beaches main tourist attractions.

3. Cayo Coco Beach
Cayo Coco Beach in Cuba
Cayo Coco is located off the north coast of Cuba, and nestled in one of the most stunning coral reefs in the world lies the island of Cayo Coco. The island is made up of over 30 km of  the worlds best  white sand beaches. Cayo Cuba as its sometimes called by Cuban tourist is something of a scuba diving haven full of unexplored treasures. Just  10 km of snowy sugar-white beaches, gently kissing  the Atlantic Ocean, to the south wild lush tropical mangroves, and wildlife heaven for nature adventure awaits every tourist that vacations in Cayo Caco.

Cayo Coco's virgin  coral reef surrounds the island is voted as the second most important coral reeef in Cuba and also in the world by experts. Australia is # 1. Cayo Coco has a large range of exotic aquatic life that scuba divers can see as they dive in Cuban waters which have excellent underwater visibility so divers can clearly see the range of  coral reef, red snappers, tarpons, lobsters, sharks and barracudas, as they swim around the crystal clear sea of Cuba.

Cuban beaches host a wide array of flora and fauna for nature lovers, including tame colorful flying pink flamingos, over 30,000, white herons, friendly pelicans, mocking birds and even Cuban ducks for hunting.

4. Guardalavaca Beach
Guardalavaca Beach in Cuba
Guardalavaca Beach is located on Cuba's northern Atlantic ocean with golden sands and turquoise oceans of Guardalavaca’s beach. Only 3 km it’s one of the smallest beaches in Cuba but it’s still an amazing beautiful beach to holiday.  So beautiful Guardalavaca is protected by Cuba's coral reefs 300 metres out, making it an explosion of colorful Cuban sealife.

Cuba beach holiday hotspots must include Guardalavaca because the water is so clear, with visibility of 30 metres, and the underwater caves at Gibara allow some exciting underwater exploration for the experienced deep sea diver. Cuban beaches are home to various colorful coral beds, crustaceans and tropical fish, including swordfish, Cuban mackerel and barracuda, making a trip to Guardalavaca beach a nature lover’s dream vacation.

5. Cayo Largo Beach
Cayo Coco Beach in Cuba

 Cayo Largo beach is Cuba's most popular scuba diving site and boasts some of Cuba’s most stunning colorful coral reefs as well as gorgeous beaches of white, unspoilt sands. Trully a joy to vacation with your family.  Cayo Largo is only accessible via a small flight or boat trip from Havana. Make every excuse but so not miss this beach holiday  on Cay Largo in south coast of Cuba with only a handful of calming hotels that leave Cayo Cuba uunspoilt by massive comercial tourism.

Cuba's biggest selling point for Cayo Largo’s beach is that it feels remote, isolated and a complete escape from pressures of hectic city living. No big American restaurants, no crazy shopping malls and no commercialism.  Cayo Largo succeeds as an island so tranquil and calm that to do anything other than relax and sunbathe would seem like a sin against mother nature. Cayo Coco island is perfect vacation for romatic couples, large families with kids and even singles looking to party in paradise. Foreign tourist should note that Cayo Largo is often considered Cuba's nudist and non-nudist island.

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Havana El Morro

Varadero News Cuba. The Cuban government announced in Havana today that Cuba has approved a law allowing Cuban people to buy and sell homes for the first time in 50 years, in the latest instalment of President Raul Castro's reforms of the island's Soviet-style economy.

Published Thursday in the Official Gazette, the law applies to Cuban citizens and permanent residents and allows sales, donations and exchanges between private parties.

The reform goes into effect November 10 with the goal of "contributing to the solution of the housing problem" and "guaranteeing the effective exercise of the rights of owners," the law said.

The measure is part of a series of economic reforms aimed at reviving the economy of the communist-ruled island and easing a severe housing shortage.

Castro has begun the process of reorganizing a system in which 85 percent of the country's five million workers are employed by the state.

The expansion of the private sector was the main plank in reform plans endorsed at the Sixth Congress of the Communist Party, in an effort to restructure a Soviet-style economic model and revive a stagnant economy while stopping short of creating a market-led system.

Nearly 80 percent of Cubans own their residences but until now the only transactions available were under a complex system of informal exchanges. At the same time, the country is believed to have a deficit of around a million homes, with the situation made worse by a shortage of building materials and hurricane damage in recent years.

Three years ago, the government acknowledged that its national housing construction and maintenance program was meeting only five to seven percent of the population's needs.

In the absence of authorized home sales, a vast underground economy had grown up in which large sums of money changed hands.

So, for example, a young couple seeking more space would have to pay several thousand dollars off the books to take over a pensioner's four room residence in central Havana.

Under the new system, such a transfer would be a straight commercial transaction with the seller paying the state a four percent sales tax. All homes must now be registered with the government to identify their rightful owners.

In an effort to discourage speculation, the new law allows Cubans to own just one main residence and one secondary home.

A census that is to be conducted next year will provide the government with a truer picture not only of demographic trends but also of the real estate situation in the country.

The new law had been widely expected under the reforms adopted by the party, and comes after a measure allowing the private sale of automobiles in early October.

A separate law allowing Cubans greater freedom to travel abroad is expected to be enacted before the end of the year.

Under the new reforms, the number of private business operators has hit more than 333,000, above the expectations of the authorities, from 148,000 in 2010.

Last year, Castro's government vastly expanded the number of sectors where private enterprises can operate, with 181 professions now open.
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Varadero Sexy Tropicana Dancers


Night club that is similar to the original Havana Cabaret Tropicana in terms of nature of its shows,
the quality of its guest performers, both national and local, first class cuisine and open air setting.
Dinner with first class service, national and international cocktails, the cabaret has 416 seats.
Souvenir shop, Cuban cigar shop, flower service, instant photos and videos, are available there.
By reservation only, open: from 8:30 pm to 2:40 am
Located: amphitheater at the entrance to Varadero, beside the bridge.
Continental Cabaret and Disco
Located: Hotel International, Varadero.
Tel: 66 7038 open: 8:00 pm – 4:00 am

La Patana Night Club Located: Carretera Via Blanca, Varadero, Cuba
Tel: 61 9971 open: 9:00 pm – 4:00 am

Cueva del Pirata Night Club Located: Autopista Sur km 11, Varadero, Cuba
Tel: 66 7751 open: 9:00 pm – 2:00 am

Santiago Night Club Located: Hotel Melia Varadero, Cuba
Tel: 66 7013 open: 9:00 pm – 2:00 am
El Jaguey Night ClubRuinas de Matasiete
Located: Calle Luis Cuni, viaducto Habana-Varadero, Matanzas.
Tel: 25 3387 open: 10:00 pm – 5:00 am

Arrechabala Night ClubLocated: Calle Saez No.767, Cardenas city.
Tel: 52 4717 open: 9:30 pm – 2:00 am

Havana Club DiscoLocated: Centro Comercial Copey 64 y 3 a Ave. Varadero.
Tel: 61 4555 open: 10:30 pm – 3:00 am
Varadero Havana Club Rum
Palacio de La Rumba DiscoLocated: Ave. Las Americas km 4, Varadero.
Tel: 66 8210 open: 9:00 pm – 3:00 am

La Bamba DiscoLocated: Hotel Tuxpan, Varadero.
Tel: 66 7560 open: 10:30 pm – 3:00 am

La Goleta DiscoLocated: Hotel Sol Palmeras, Varadero.
Tel: 66 7009 open: 10:30 pm – 4:00 am
La Cascada DiscoLocated: Hotel Melia Las Americas, Varadero.
Tel: 66 7600 open: 10:00 pm – 3:00 am

Canimao DiscoLocated: Hotel Canimao, Matanzas.
Tel: 66 1014 open: 9:30 pm – 3:00 am

La Movida DiscoLocated: Hotel Oasis, Varadero.
Tel: 66 7380 open: 9:00 pm – 3:00 am
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